Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Seven Marriage Blessings


(My daughter asked me to write seven blesings for her marriage ceremony....)

Marriage is a grafting of one family tree to another to create a new and unique family. The new branch has the strengths of the trees of origin, and wondrous new possibilities all its own.

Marriage is a special set of promises made sacred by the public declarations of love and commitment.  All who attend the ceremony hold the promise and all present are part of the marriage.

Marriage is unique in the hopes, possibilities, and opportunities it creates.

We hereby ask for the fulfillment of these blessings inherent in marriage:

May your marriage be always a space and a time of safety and security, protecting you from dangers within and without.

May you marriage provide you with encouragement to do all you must and be all you can, nurturing you to be strong and resilient.

May your marriage make you tingle with excitement and thrill  with stimulation of each other,of your dreams and of your world.

May your marriage always be  the place you can share your hearts, your minds, and your experiences, as well as your fears, your angers, and your disappointments, in secure intimacy.

May your marriage every day be source of joy and peace.

May your marriage be the fertile soil for the growth of your future selves and your future partnership, blossoming in your individual and joined lives.

 May your marriage be from today into forever, standing upon the lines of your family and continuing for generations to come.

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