Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Regarding Naked Emperors.....

March 31, 2010

On Friday, December 18, 2009, the Senate tacked onto a Defense Spending Bill an amendment that postponed the 21.2% Medicare fee reduction until April 1, 2010. It seemed sure that the President would then sign this into law before the end of the year. At the last minute it was blocked in the senate and never went to the president. On April 1, 2010, FOOLS DAY, the reduction goes into effect.

CMS, the Medicare administration, believes that a fix will be passed soon, so they are FREEZING ALL PAYMENTS TO PHYSICIANS until it passes! Starting on April 1, 2010, April fools day, this is no joke, all Medicare payments to physicians will stop indefinitely.

The massive health care reform package just signed into law does not contain a correction for the universally acknowledged as deeply flawed "sustainable Growth Rate Formula" that has resulted in this fee reduction problem. It was hoped for and promised that the health care reform package would contain a fix for this problem.

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