Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My vote for president

I will vote for the candidate that exhibits extraordinary honesty, integrity, and wisdom. I will vote for the candidate with those characteristics who also listens well and listens widely. My candidate takes heed of disparate views and complex information and is able to synthesize the data and viewpoints into coherence and then can either see a clear path or delineate the obstacles. Then, my candidate is able to enroll others in the vision and lead the way with efficient organization toward successful results.

My ideal president is passionate, but not zealous. The candidate does not have beliefs or creeds, nor platforms or agendas. My candidate does not belong to a political party nor subscribe to a political philosophy.

Politicians idolize my candidate and fear my candidate. They want to be viewed as like my candidate, but, somehow, cannot understand why they are not. In their envy or fear or confusion, they cannot help but support this candidate as well.

I do not believe that my candidate is an unfulfillable fantasy character. I believe that this individual has a single trait that can transform nearly any intelligent and well educated individual into this dream candidate. Courage.

Courage is far too often confused with boldness, strength, and bluster. Candidates always have these in profusion, if not excess. They lack courage. In courage we put aside our considerations and we do what is necessary. We are what is necessary.

Now, (and as far as I can tell, for all times) our presidential candidates all seek the office with a bias, to use the office to further their own agendas. My candidate has the courage to seek the office to be the office.

To be the office.

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