Sunday, July 31, 2011


Inspired by ASEA!

I recently was introduced to "Asea".

Asea claims to be a liquid supplement containing REDOX MESSENGER MOLECULES and is marketed with amazingly slick scientific appearing websites and videos, educational materials from scientists from many fields, and glowing testimonials on how Asea cures just about everything. Asea claims to have a patented production process.

IT is AMAZING, except for one fact: it is all deliberately misleading LIES.

Asea is nothing at all but slightly salty water. Its ingredients are table salt and distilled water. The "patented process" is a clear scam: it is a patent APPLICATION with the description of a third grade hydrolysis experiment. REALLY!

Asea is a brilliant example of the ultimate in MARKETING and is linked to a vast NETWORK MARKETING SCAM.

Google ASEA and you will see what I mean.

I was inspired by Asea to invent WORRY-FREE MILK! Read all about it below! (click the link)


LOL!!! Bravo.
ROFL! I'd like to invest in your worry-free milk. Sounds like a real winner!
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