Sunday, May 01, 2005


Live like you are dying

There is a popular song currently on the radio about a man who knows he is soon to die and explains how he lived his life once he knew that his time was short. Most of his response is about experiencing life: skydiving, mountain climbing, riding a bucking bull, and taking time to look at an eagle soaring in the sky. The rest is about loving, listening, and giving forgiveness that he had been withholding.

He does not really know EXACTLY when he is going to die, but he knows his time is limited.

Sounds a lot like ALL of us: we do not really know when we will die, but we know our time is limited.

His response makes for a popular song, but it bothers me a bit.

I have no problem with his loving/listening/forgiving. That is the juice of life.

I do have a problem with his adventures and peak experiences. I just do not think that is what life is about. I think those are the diversions from living life fully, not the meat of life.

The song I prefer is about the guy who, upon finding out he was going to die soon, goes back to work the next day and does the best he can do and continues to do that until the day he cannot go to work. If he realizes that the work he is doing is the WRONG work, then he could STOP it and START doing the RIGHT work.

People think I am a workaholic, but they are wrong. I can vacation and relax fully. I can take a diversion from life. But I hope to be Doctor Joe until I can no longer be. And if then I can do another JOB then I hope to do so. And then another until I die.

I believe that we make a living by what we get...we make a life by what we have given so much and I for one am grateful...I hope you are Dr. Joe for a very very very long time. Elaine
You are the perfect example of what a physician should be. Kind, caring, human, with faults just like the rest of us. You are MY Dr. Joe, and I hope you are that for a very long time. Your abilities amaze me. Now, how do we treat my pemphigoids?
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