Wednesday, March 30, 2005


The blog begins.....

Welcome to my web log.

I am almost 53 years old. I am a family physician for a quarter of a century. I started this BLOG today to share my musings about life.

I was the most optimistic and idealistic of youths and I am now the most cynical of geezers. The youth that still lives within battles daily with the cynic who walks in my shoes. It has become difficult to be this contrary beast with two heads.

My everpresent sensation is that I see naked emperors all around me reveling in their fine new clothes. I have a compulsion to point out their nakedness, yet find myself mocked at best and attacked and ostracized at worst for indulging my compulsion. I wonder if I am delusional and that the emperor is actually clothed and it is my eyes that are defective.

My intention is to blog daily and to share my life and observations.

Hi Dr Cohn,
You are a very caring and giving person. Perhaps it is your time to get that motorcycle and do more for yourself.
Dave Olson
Hi Dr. Joe,
Two days ago I mailed a letter off to somebody I want to love. In it, I stripped away this emperor's fancy clothes, and appealed to his nakedness. I guessed that he was not ready for this honesty, and have spent every minute since fretting and regretting that I may have driven him away. I just read your first blog, and cried with joy - what an affirmation for me! I have to be true to me and true to truth. I'm so happy you're blogging - you're not alone.
Boy, Joe. That's a heavy start. You and I once had a discussion about "reality". The bottom line is that people make their own reality and no one else can make it otherwise. Your being a scientist must make this a difficult concept because if you can "prove" it, then it's reality. You may say 2 plus 2 is 4. To some, it may not be. It's their truth. I guess my point is that we must accept that people will behave in ways we don't like and understand. They're not delusional. You're not delusional.

I've caught lot's of flack in my life for undressing the emperor. It's been very detrimental at times. Not until recently did I have a light bulb moment that if you do say something, what you're pointing out makes zero difference in the big picture and it never REALLY makes things "better". So I've been practicing letting it go and it seems to be a good thing.

Here's what I think you can actually DO so that you only have one head:
Live your ideals in your life now - it's the best way to spread them.
Practice acceptance.
Bring more spirtuality into your life.
Talk to the trees, they're very wise.
Eat at Grease On at least once a week.

Love ya Bro
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